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Knooking: The Purl Stitch

7 Jan

The Purl Stitch

The purl stitch is a bit more challenging to make. It is basically the knit stitch, only backwards. You will be inserting the hook into the live stitch from back to front.


  1. Keep your working yarn in the left hand and to the FRONT of your project.
  2. Insert your hook from the BACK of your project, through the stitch, to the front.
  3. Grab the working yarn (remember, it should be held to the front), Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch.
  4. Ta-da, you did it!
  5. The first purl is usually the hardest to do, because you are juggling the working yarn. Once that first stitch is made, the yarn will stay towards the front of the project until you make a knit stitch.
  6. Keep working purl stitches across the row, keeping the loops you’ve made staying on the hook, and eventually passing on to the cord (if it is a large project). When you reach the end of the row, simply slide the remaining live stitches from your needle and on to the cord.

You can either remove the cord from the hook, leaving the cord in the project like a lifeline, and attach a new cord to the end of your hook. Or, you can slide the stitches closer to the end (making sure you have the clip attached), turn your work and work the next row.

Insert the hook from back to front

Grab (yo) the working yarn

Pull the yarn throught the stitch. Ta-da!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video tutorial for the purl stitch.